Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Family and Great Friends!

My parents sent me money for Christmas to get myself a "road bike."

And, a former student and friend took his time to search craigslist - and purchase for me, and get upgraded for me, a Greg LeMond bike!

Thanks Mom and Dad - and thanks Taylor C.

I grew up riding BMX on the BMX track near the University of Oregon at Autzen Stadium.  I would peddle my 20 inch P.K. Ripper across town on bike-paths (some 6-7 miles) just to be able to enjoy time on the burms and jumps at the track.  (I never entered BMX competitively.)

I rode a Mtn. Bike - and loved single-track trails - while I lived in Colorado and for portions of my life in Oklahoma - though more like a Hill Bike in Oklahoma!  ha!

And, for more than 20 years I've had a Cruiser that I ride most days to/from/around the various University campuses where I have lived or worked.

While rides in and through the mountains or terrain are of greater "thrill" to me - I have accepted the fact that, in Oklahoma, the best ride for me is the road bike.

What is more - I have several student-friends who are planning a Summer 2011 trip from Maine to Washington - and they have invited me to peddle and train with them this Spring.  (They have invited me to travel with them - which I would love to do - but due to another opportunity for this summer that I will detail later, that won't be working out.)

So, I have a new road-bike.

I am excited to have it.

I am excited to ride.

I am thankful for family and friends to help me get the bike, to ride with me, and to invite me into shared opportunities for extended friendship!

Oh - and my bike riding may take a little bit away from my reading - but should give me more time for reflection!  (I hope!)  So, still appropriate for this personal blog's theme!  =)

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