Sunday, January 30, 2011

Restoration and Redemption

I like to restore old furniture.  I learned it from my Dad who refurnished an antique of one sort or another - a few days out of any given month.

Truth is, I haven't done it for years - for a number of reasons.

But, my lovely bride wanted a new coffee table and after we found this beauty for a few dollars at a thrift store - I spent just a few hours and a few more dollars on a new gallon of stripping product.  My old stripping product had dried in the can, but my old varnish was "good as new."  The weather cooperated - not too hot - not too cold - not too sunny (to dry the stripping product too quickly) - and, within a few hours my lovely bride had her "new" coffee table.

There is something about most things - clothing, furniture, cars, persons, relationships, churches, - that, if we "strip" down the bad and blemished - we can find that which is redeemable - and even beautiful.

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