Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More than ever . . .

More than ever, I feel a deep gnawing pain in my personal sense of life.  It seems to me that more American Christians are more deeply committed to Capitalism & Acquisition, than they are committed to Giving & Discipleship.

The Season of Christmas calls us to celebrate a child, who becomes a man so that as a man he can reject titles, power and wealth. Despite the Magi bringing presents and wealth (which was their worship of this King - their demonstration of self-giving), Jesus is never associated with monetary wealth, tangible "things" or personal property and even describes himself as an itinerant, poor, teacher.

On this Christmas Eve in 2013 as I reread the story of "peace on earth" and "joy that will be for all people" (Luke 2:8-20), I'm reminded of the disturbing violence and pain that exists in our world right now!  From Syria to Sudan where open conflict is rife - to homes in my own neighborhood where children are beaten, where men & women steal from their futures with drugs, to crime, abuse, hurt, and hate-filled speech. Our world needs peace and peacemakers.

More than ever, I commit my life to try to better lead others, to more frequently discern, and to better live out myself - the ideals of Jesus' ministry to live and love for others so that the world might be transformed into a place where there is peace on earth and joy for all people!

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