Saturday, December 14, 2013

On Reading Well

A few days ago I posted to my Facebook wall:  "Walter Brueggemann, N.T. Wright, Willard Swartley, Walter Wink, Wes Howard-Brook & Wendell Berry. Authors who have reshaped my life. Heartily recommended to all!"

Today I saw the Librarian of our University Library posted this picture as her Christmas reading stack. 

There is only one book in her stack that I have not read  - and perhaps 15 of the 19 books in her stack are from specific requests I made that our library purchase these titles.

It's a silly-piece-of-nothing - but (1) I'm proud of myself this morning for being a good reader since reading changes lives and (2) I'm proud that I encourage other people to read great works and (3) I'm proud that I help resource things like my University library and this blog space to share specific reviews on reading with others.

And, I'm reminded that I've been too busy with too many other things of late, to read more.  I do have a few books to post from the past months. 

I look forward to more good books to read into 2014!

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